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We believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, that they are inerrant in their original autographs, and that they are infallible in all they say.

We believe in one sovereign God existing eternally in three persons – God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – one in nature, attributes, power, and glory; that these persons are omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

We believe that God created man in His own image; that he was created directly from the dust of the earth and not from previously existing life forms; that through the original sin of rebellion against God death, both physical and spiritual, passed upon all men for that all sinned in Adam; that man fell from his state of unconfirmed holiness prior to his original sin into a state of spiritual death, or separation from God. We subsequently believe that all men are born with a sin nature and are in need of reconciliation to God.

We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ; that He was begotten by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, thus becoming God Incarnate, fully God and fully man, existing in one person and without sin.

We believe that Jesus Christ , the spotless Lamb of God, was crucified for our sins according to the scriptures as our voluntary and substitutionary sacrifice; that He was buried and arose bodily from the grave on the third day; that He ascended into Heaven and is presently seated at the right hand of the Father where He ever liveth to make intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

We believe that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ, plus nothing and minus nothing; we are justified only through the merit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; the conditions to salvation are repentance and faith.

We believe in the baptism by the Holy Spirit – the placing of the individual believer into the body of Christ at the moment of salvation; we believe in the permanent indwelling of the believer by the Holy Spirit, making his body the temple of God; we believe in the filling of the Holy Spirit – the moment by moment surrender of the control of our lives to Him, manifested by holy living.

We believe in the blessed hope – the personal, bodily, visible return of Jesus to this earth in power and great glory to raise the dead, to gather His elect, to judge the nations, and to establish His kingdom upon the earth, a kingdom characterized by righteousness and the ultimate healing of the nations.

We believe in the bodily resurrection of the just and of the unjust, and in the everlasting conscious blessedness of the saved and the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost.

We believe God’s plan for human sexuality is to be expressed only within the context of marriage, that God created man and woman as unique biological persons made to complete each other. God instituted monogamous marriage between male and female as the foundation of the family and basic structure of human society. For this reason, we believe that marriage is exclusively the union of one genetic male and one genetic female.


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